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Zinc Contributes to a Circular Economy
April 12, 2019
ZINCTIMAL visits Plast 2018 in Milan
May 29, 2019
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Zinc is the basis for social energy. Galvanized steel is the material of choice for the structures that support and align solar panels, while zinc is also a component of the solar cells themselves and in the infrastructure supporting the electrical distribution network.

Researchers using thin layers of zinc oxide have recently fabricated the highest efficiency solar cells ever created.

Cost efficient generation of wind power: Thermal spraying of offshore windmills reduces costly maintenance and enhances the lifetime contributing to lower costs of offshore wind energy.

Reliable and robust power transport: Transport of renewable energy from off shore windmill parks to where the energy is needed via power lines. High voltage pylons are galvanized (duplex coated) to protect the steel from corrosion and damage.

Fuente : International Zinc Association