Zinc oxide in ceramic: all advantages

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June 2, 2018
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July 11, 2018
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Within the ceramic sectors (tiles, sanitary) we have to say that the ZnO is basic for the formulation of ceramics enamels in different methods cooking.

What we obtain by adding this oxide ceramic materials?

Among other things, we increase the heat capacity of the mixture. Similarly, when we want some degree of electrical conductivity is an additive that cannot miss in the formulation. It also makes the temperature range for which a composition is stable to be extended easily. Another good quality that gives the zinc oxide compositions is the keep low thermal expansion.

Not only are relied on ZnO by these internal factors of behaviour contributing to the ceramic also is interesting for its properties in a secondary way that prints to varnishes and glazes that are used in the ceramics industry.
If we want that the change in viscosity does not affect the cooking process and prevent cracks from appearing when a severe cooking is required, the most sought-after additive is our ZINCTIMAL zinc oxide. A good brightness and finish is difficult to achieve through the use of other raw materials or other techniques. If what we want is a very dull or matte surface there is nothing more than increase the mixture with ZnO to achieve this.

It must be said that there are salts and other oxides which can be obtain and control the colour and tonality to pleasure. With zinc oxide this cannot be. This makes it interesting in cases where wanted nuances random extreme naturalness, the absence of a predictable pattern in the variations.