Who we are

ZINCTIMAL SPAIN  is a Spanish company, exclusive distributor in Spain and Europe of high-purity zinc oxide

We made a fast service in Europe.

Production of ZnO

ZINCTIMAL ZnO is produced in Algeria by a company specialized in the production and manufacturing of this product.

The best of us

Our mission is to meet the demand and provide effective service with one of the best ZnO in the market. We have the vision to position ourselves in the European market as a benchmark in quality, price and specialized assistance for the different consumer sectors of Zinc oxide.

Our office

Our facilities are taking shape. A bright and welcoming space that makes the work environment very pleasant. Pleased to welcome clients and collaborators in our, your house..


Manager Director
Carmen Montoro

Due to her extensive experience in different companies, and after more than 20 years in a dynamic sector, such as the ceramic sector, Carmen is the ideal person to lead this project. His career has accumulated experience both for multinational corporations, large and small, and for family and private, all with international presence, which has enabled her to develop a profile of business management direction, pro-active and vision strategic business.

Her professional career has always been linked to the management & business development, currently managing ZINCTIMAL SPAIN and applying her extensive knowledge of a multicultural, diverse and global business reality.

Organization and business management are her specialty and her success without a doubt. Pragmatic and realistic, responsible and committed, always knows how to create and add value in the business that runs surrounding herself with great professionals.

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